Academic Affairs Division

Part I Freshman Admission Process

1. Receive the acceptance letter, pay the fee on the designated online payment platform as required, and be prepared to request all materials.

2. Hold the notice and bring the specified materials according to the specified time and address.

3, according to the report to the scene, post the report process, student number and other indicators to carry out, centralized reception and so on.

4. Students who do not pay in the online platform, the computer room will guide the payment, and the follow-up will be carried out after payment.

5. Qualification review, reviewing the registration photo (photo on the enrollment form) is consistent with the enrolled students. (1) Students who are undergraduate students should carefully review the qualifications, provide the necessary professional qualification certificate and the electronic record of the Ministry of Education, (2) second Academic candidates are required to provide proof of corresponding education and an electronic record form of the Ministry of Education. Fill in the eligibility letter of commitment.

6. Sign-in registration, check the payment according to the student number, check the admission professional according to the admission notice, sign on the registration list, the student signs the information on the admission registration form, and recovers the admission notice, copy of the ID card, Admission registration form, etc.

7. After signing up for registration, you will receive relevant information and conduct on-site photo collection.

8. Very few students do need to transfer the professional, modify the information, delay the payment of tuition, leave, etc. due to special circumstances, fill in the application report.

9. The students of the correspondence station (point) are responsible for all the above processes by the correspondence station (point), and then submit them to the headquarters of Nannong University.

10. Complete the journal and follow the follow-up teaching arrangements.


part II the teaching organization process

1. After the freshmen enter the school, determine the next face-to-face course (spring) self-study, distance learning, on-site face-to-face and designated textbook catalogue.

2. Students learn and purchase materials according to the above regulations.

3, on-site face-to-face (spring) centralized registration, according to the provisions of the lectures, exams, etc., leaving school.

4. Determine the next face-to-face course (summer) self-study, distance learning, on-site face-to-face, designated textbook catalog, and social practice.

5, on-site face-to-face (summer) centralized registration, submit a social practice report, according to the provisions of the lectures, exams, etc., leaving school.

6. Determine the next year's face-to-face course (spring) self-study, distance learning, on-site face-to-face and designated teaching materials.

7. Pay attention to the notices of the college entrance examination and undergraduate degree and follow the requirements.

8. The above cycle is carried out until graduation.

9. Complete the thesis (design) in the final semester.


Part III The re-examination, slow-test, limit re-application and operation process

1. The course that does not meet the number of courses specified in the student handbook will be refilled.

2. Reach the number of courses specified in the Student Handbook, and write the application arrangement to rebuild with several grades.

3, special circumstances leave, the courses involved, after approval, can not count the number of failed gates, arrange a slow test.

4. Before graduation, the courses that do not meet the number of courses specified in the Student Handbook will be available. The normal limit will be re-examined. The application can be arranged in the Student Handbook to stipulate the number of courses, and the rest of the courses will be rebuilt in several grades.


Part IV Various types of exemption examination approval process

1. Write the application and provide the original and copy of the corresponding grade.

2. The network query results are confirmed on site.

3, can not be queried by the network to provide the source of the signature of the operator, telephone and unit stamp.

4, after the passage of the course can be exempted from the test, but the Nanjing Agricultural University distance learning platform to complete the prescribed time.


Part V The student status management process

1. The student himself first went to the school management management consultation clearly, obtained preliminary consent, and received the form.

2. The student fills in the application form.

3. The student management personnel review the materials and sign the opinions.

4. The department is responsible for signing the opinion.

5. The college in charge of the leadership signs the opinion.

6. The college leaders sign the opinion.

7. Transfer back to the student management staff.


Part VI Specialist Unified Examination, Degree English, Degree Professional Course Examination and Counseling Organization Process

1. According to the notice, apply for registration (pay the registration fee), and fill in the forecasting remedial class (the tutoring fee will be paid when it is reported).

2. Check-in class before the exam (within 3-4 before the general exam), pay the tuition fee, and take the invoice to attend the class.

3. Obtain the admission ticket, prepare the admission ticket (identification card, etc.), and related stationery.

4. Take the exam.


Part VII Graduation and Degree Review Process

1. Review student information.

2. Review the school results.

3. Payment status.

4. Performance at school.

5. Specialist students should review the results of the unified examination.

6. Undergraduate students meet the requirements of the degree requirements, submit the degree application form according to the notice time, provide relevant materials, and review.


Part VIII Graduation Certificate Collection Process

1. When the network is released to receive various types of certificates, the students of the school headquarters will receive the documents (the entrusted person will be entrusted).

2. The correspondence station (point) students are collected by the unit.

3. If the student of the correspondence station (point) is required to receive the individual due to special circumstances, he/she must hold a letter of correspondence (point).

4. The receipt of the degree certificate shall be carried out according to the above procedures (the time shall be notified separately, generally it is about 6 months to receive the graduation certificate).


Part IX Correspondence station (point) supervision process

1. Collect the curriculum of each site (teaching task book: indicate the place of admission promised by the admissions profession or publicity), the teacher's roster, and the use of teaching materials.

2. Within 15 days after the start of the semester, catalogues of the correspondence stations (points), catalogue time distribution, and corresponding forms are sorted and bound.

3. Notify the correspondence station (point) If there is a phenomenon of class adjustment, make timely adjustments and report to the College of Continuing Education of Nanjing Agricultural University in advance.

4, do not notify the on-site inspection: lectures, seminars (manager, teachers, students), inquiry materials (test papers, original grades, teacher qualifications, attendance and other original data preservation) related questionnaires, related evaluation indicators check.

5, telephone sampling: According to the teaching task book weekly 3-4 points (teachers, students, managers), check the implementation of the class (related teachers, students).

6. Organize seminars on teaching situations from time to time.

7. Organize correspondence station (point) meeting at the end of the year.


Part X Various types of certification process

1. Students hold relevant documents to the school to prove the evidence.

2. Entrust others to entrust the letter.

3, the phone to open the certificate, to prove this identity.

4. The relevant departments shall consult or open the certificate and hold a valid introduction letter from the relevant unit.

5, the correspondence station (point) students to open the certificate, in addition to the above requirements, but also to provide a correspondence station (point) letter.


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