Distance Education Division

Part I  The continuing education college microelectronics procurement process

1. Application: The faculty and staff who need to purchase the equipment should submit an application to the hospital office for review by the hospital office; after the examination and approval of the school office, it will be submitted to the hospital leadership for review and notified to the distance education department;

2. Purchasing 1: Report to the Equipment Management Division of the Asset Management and Logistics Support Department for unified purchase;

3. Purchasing 2: The Equipment Management Division agrees to purchase it by itself. The Distance Education Section will go out to purchase equipment or contact the manufacturer to send the equipment together with the invoice to the college;

4. Equipment issuance: The Distance Education Section will distribute the equipment to the user and record the record in the maintenance register;

5, invoice processing: the office of the office signature; the hospital leadership signature; accounting office to report.


Part II   The Continuing Education Institute network payment process

1. Processing of payment list: The relevant department administrator will input or introduce the list of payment personnel into the payment system;

2. Payment review: The financial personnel will review the payment list and the payment name, and open the payment;

3. Payment notice: The relevant departments shall notify the payment personnel to make online payment by telephone or SMS (the bank card needs to deposit the full amount of fees);

4. Invoice processing: After the payment is completed, the financial personnel prints the invoice; the relevant department issues the invoice to the payer.


Part III  The continuing education college recording and opening process

1. Employing teachers: According to the actual teaching situation of the college, negotiate with the relevant disciplines and curriculum teachers in the school, explain the number of recorded class hours, the materials to be provided, and the payment of compensation. If the teacher agrees, sign the agreement;

2, courseware processing: recording video -> editing video -> editing other materials -> teacher feedback -> modify courseware;

3, courseware online: upload video, documents, test papers and other materials completed to the learning platform;

4. Payment of remuneration: Calculate the remuneration according to the teacher's professional title and class hours, issue a voucher, and sign it by the distance education department and the hospital leader; notify the teacher to receive the payment voucher and sign the record;

5. Start the course: the relevant departments provide courses, learning cycles and personnel lists to the distance education department; the distance education department opens the courses in the learning system according to the materials provided;

6, online learning: students online learning, including courseware, self-test, etc.; in the process of learning problems, the relevant departments and distance education departments need to answer in time;

7. Provide results: Before the test or assessment begins, the Distance Education Section provides students with online academic results.


Department staff

Section Chief: Zhou Bo

Staff: Zhang Fan

Office location: Room 206

Office phone: 025-84395131


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