Party Office & Admissions Office

Part I     Office daily management procedures

First , the file processing program

1. Receiving processing: The OA system receives the documents or the school-related paper documents are promptly transferred (sent) to the hospital leaders for reading, and according to the opinions signed by the leaders, the responsible persons of relevant departments are specifically implemented;

2. Posting and requesting: After drafting the OA system, submit it to the hospital leadership to sign the opinion and send it to the relevant unit or department;

3. Reports, letters, etc.: After drafting, the leaders of the hospital will review and sign the opinions and send them to the relevant units or departments;

4. Letters, newspapers and periodicals shall be distributed as usual, and registration and remittance shall be signed and signed;

5, year-end document processing: according to the school archives requirements to collect documents, files for classification, file filing.

Second , the daily management procedures

1. Visiting reception: After the visiting newspaper office in each department's work, it will be submitted to the hospital leadership for approval, and will be arranged by the college office;

2, funds (such as: temporary workers, cultural seals, hospitality, teaching and office facilities, addition and maintenance, etc.) use management: all expenditure bills reported to the Office for review, submitted to the dean for signature and reimbursement;

3. Seal management: According to the needs of the work, the regular stamp is stamped by the office after review, and the major events are submitted to the hospital leadership for approval and stamping;

4. Bus use: According to the needs of the work, if the vehicle is really needed, the application form for the official vehicle will be filled in by each department. After being signed by the leader of the branch, the newspaper office will be arranged according to the regulations of the school bus.

5. Adding and maintaining teaching and office facilities: According to the needs of the work, it is proposed to purchase or maintain the application for the newspaper office. After the audit of the office, the hospital leadership will be submitted for approval, and the office will be responsible for the arrangement, and the applicant will assist in the purchase or maintenance and documentation;

6, office supplies management: all departments according to the needs of the report to the Office, the Office of the Office for the approval of the hospital leadership, the Office is responsible for procurement, distribution;

7. Borrowing teaching facilities and office equipment in the department: Appropriately or in writing, borrowing the application and completing the loan registration form after review by the Office;

8. Safe work: Regularly check all safety (water, electricity, fire, anti-theft, etc.) in the hospital, and deal with the hidden dangers that occur after the first time. During the non-working days or during the holiday period, the gates of the hospital are closed. When the personnel enters and exits the college, the guard needs to verify the identity of the staff. In the evening, if the staff needs to go to the office to work, they must notify the guard in advance;

9. Health work: Assist the relevant departments to require the cleaning staff to clean the yards and related classrooms every morning and keep the hospital leadership office and meeting rooms clean and hygienic.

Third , financial management procedures

1. Correspondence station (point) reminder: twice a year, in spring according to the number of registered persons and the school agreement, calculate the fees payable by each student at the site, and issue a dunning notice; in the fall, the graduates are calculated according to the number of graduates at each site and the school agreement. The fee for the receipt of the certificate shall be issued a notice of the fee payable, and the fee shall be repeated for the arrears station (point);

2. Reconciliation, auditing, and accounting: Always contact the Finance Department. If there is any expense, it should be verified whether the correspondence station (point) payment or the training unit pays the fee, and check with the responsible person of the relevant department. The cost of the correspondence station (point) should be promptly contacted with the person in charge of the station (point), let him issue the fee details, record the detailed account, issue and send the invoice; the cost of the training unit should be contacted with the person in charge of the training department in time to confirm the account. ,Take good notes;

3. Self-examination of the station (point) fee: The teacher responsible for the self-test will provide the school-running agreement for each station (point), the number of students in each station (point) and the number of students in each grade, and the list to Point) Check the tuition fee and check it out; after the fee is received, invoice will be issued, and the invoice will be sent to the teacher responsible for the self-test, and the teacher responsible for the self-test will remind the point to pay the details, and then record the detailed account;

4, the daily expenses of the hospital: the Treasury Department borrows, timely payment and tax filing.

5, external unit account transactions: transfer within the school, fill out the internal transfer bill, according to the provisions of the audit, the account is accounted for.

6. Charge work: Assist the accounting office to collect various tuition fees and training fees.

7. Charging platform: The fees for students who pay online will be checked in time on the online payment platform. After receiving the account, they will contact and check with the accounting office. After the invoice is printed, they will be sorted and invoiced.

8. Incoming, outbound storage and custody of the in-hospital items: Fill in the in-stock list according to the inbound situation, and the director of the office will verify the signature; the out-of-stock items will be checked in time and the signature of the recipient.



Part II Admissions Procedures

1. Student source research, organize annual recruiting seminars, and arrange annual enrollment work requirements. According to the number of students admitted, the one-year enrollment awards will be issued for each correspondence station.

2. Preparation of enrollment plan: After enrolling the enrollment program with the Academic Affairs Section, the enrollment plan for the year will be submitted to the Faculty Council, and the enrollment plan for the current year will be prepared after the consent of the leaders of the hospital.

3. Organizing students: compiling enrollment brochures, organizing student sources, enrolling students' propaganda, and reviewing and enrolling enrollment materials for each correspondence site.

4. Organization registration: Understand the registration work of the correspondence station, and collect the data of the candidates who have applied for hardships and school-enterprise cooperation in the same year to the examination center.

5.  organize independent examinations: apply for hard professional, school-enterprise cooperation professional candidates data analysis, propositions, prepare papers, arrange examination rooms, organize examinations, scoring, and report to the examination center.

6.  Analysis of the application situation: Analyze the application situation of the headquarters and each correspondence station (summary form), and agree with the education department to recruit freshmen.

7. On-site admission work: The enrollment plan for the current year will be formulated and submitted to the enrollment leading group for approval before implementation.

8.  Admission materials: It is agreed with the Academic Affairs Section to finalize the course, to carry out professional or inter-school adjustments for the freshmen who cannot start the course, to prepare the admission summary form, and to submit the admissions list and materials to the Academic Affairs Section, and to form a new student in the Education Affairs Section. The former list.

9. Issuance of Admission Notice: The Academic Affairs Section provides instructions for admission to new students, and the Admissions Office issues notices for admission to the school. Each correspondence station will receive an acceptance letter and sign an agreement with the correspondence station for the current year.

10. Filing of admission materials: collating and submitting the admission information and the assignment agreement signed with the correspondence station.



Department staff

Director: Dong Zhixin

Staff : Wang Shiping, Zeng Jin

Office location : Room 307, Room 308

Office phone : 025-84395300, 025-84395744, 025-84396437



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