Training Division

Part I  Preliminary preparation

1. Contact and negotiate training programs

2, training filing

3. Formulate training programs

4, hire a teacher

5, contact the on-site teaching point

6. Contact the students (the organization department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Science and Education Department of the Provincial Agricultural Committee, the Provincial Agricultural Broadcasting School, the Ministry of Agriculture, etc.)

7, contact accommodation

8. Prepare the student manual and print

9, prepare the banner (production, suspension)

10. Prepare the information kit (book, pen, student manual, etc.)

11, contact the classroom and layout (health inspection, hanging banners, student seat cards, water cups, water bottles, tea)

12. Preparation for the opening ceremony (determination of the leadership, agenda, and card for the ceremony)

13, teaching evaluation form, class question card, training needs research form, registration check-in form, class sign-in order


Part II  The registration reception

1. Sign in (check the student information)

2, the distribution of information kits

3, charge (responsible for contact)

4, pick up the station, guide the students to stay, take the students to the dining place and class location)

5, contact the photographer (photo) (prepare the stool)

6. Temporary payment of training expenses

7. Please ask the master to clean the classroom.


Part III  The training period

1, 1-2 days in advance to remind the teacher

2, prepare the computer (half an hour before class)

3. Prepare tea (teacher, student)

4, photography (opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, each teacher attending classes, discussion, inspection), classroom photography

5. Follow the class to attend classes (check in, collect student information, feedback the needs of the students to the teacher in time, and understand the teacher's lectures)

6. Organize the completion of the teaching evaluation form, collect and count

7. Courseware collection, each teacher will back up the courseware and send it to the public mailbox in time.

8, print the certificate, stamp and issue (simultaneous photo)

9. Contact with the inspection site before the inspection, and take the class to investigate

10. Preparation for the graduation ceremony

11. Training report (school network, college network, Ministry of Agriculture Management Cadre College Network)

12, training summary

13. Student information input (basic agricultural technician training)

14, cost accounting, cleaning up.


Part IV  Training Archives (including Electronics and Instruments)

1. Training program

2. Training agreement

3. Training manual (including student list)

4, training courseware

5, training photos (photo, opening ceremony, graduation ceremony, class, study)

6. Training documents (training tasks issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Agriculture Committee, and other relevant departments)

7, training summary

8, registration check-in form and attendance form (instrument)

9, teaching evaluation form.



Department staff

Deputy Chief (President): Liang Xiao

Deputy Chief: Chen Linhai

Staff: Jiang Huiyun, Wang Lin, Zhang Yong

Office location: Room 106

Office phone: 025-84396233, 025-84396893, 025-84396232

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